Clean Eating: How To Get There One Habit At A Time

The Essentials of Clean Eating

  • Eat 5-6 Times A Day
  • Choose Organic Clean Foods Whenever Possible
  • Drink At Least 2 Liters Of Water A Day
  • Understand Labels
  • Avoid Processed And Refined Foods
  • Control Portions

Here is my source on Clean Eating.  It’s a good article, take few moments to read it and come back.

Will you be able to go cold turkey from being on a “see food” diet into eating clean?  Most likely, no.  It’s going to take a more gradual shift into these habits.  Your mind and body don’t really like huge shifts.  While a huge shift can work, a slow gradual approach is more sustainable.

So, here’s a plan for you to shift into Clean Eating habits.

  1. Find An Accountability Group Or Partner
  2. Pick One Meal During The Day To Substitute For Clean Foods
  3. Focus On Eating Clean During Your One Meal For At Least 3 Weeks
  4. Repeat Step 2 & 3 For Another Meal During The Day For At Least 3 Weeks
  5. Lastly, After 6 Weeks, Transition Into Eating Clean Foods 5-6 Times A Day
  6. Do Step 5 For At Least 3 Weeks Until The Habit Sticks
  7. You Have Now Formed The Habit Of Clean Eating!

So, let me walk you through this with an example, we have a fictitious friend name Charlotte. Charlotte has a habit of eating out most meals, and when she isn’t eating at restaurants, she prefers to eat microwavable meals because they are easy.  Charlotte has decided to start eating clean. Charlotte knows she will have better luck sticking to this new habit, so she tells her friend George that she is making changes to her diet (Step 1).

She picked breakfast as her meal to substitute for clean foods (Step 2) because she thought that eating clean at the beginning of the day would make her feel more energized and lead to healthier choices during the day.

For breakfast, Charlotte now needs to learn the clean foods she can eat and turn into meals for herself.  (More on this later, for now, let’s say that she eats a hard boiled egg, grapefruit, and some cashews as her breakfast.)

Charlotte is now going to start her days for the next 3 weeks (21 days) eating clean foods for breakfast (Step 3).  She should start noticing that she gains more energy from these foods.  This will reinforce the healthy habit of eating clean for breakfast.

She passes her 21 days with success.  She’s gained confidence in changing her habits and feels empowered to start eating healthier for other meals (Step 4).  She chooses dinner and follows the same process that she did for breakfast.  Substituting in clean foods for the fast food and restaurant meals that she was consuming before.  At this point, Charlotte will most likely notice that she has more money in her bank account.  All that eating out was really doing a number on her pocket book.  Again, this reinforces the good habit of eating clean.

Now after 6 weeks (42 days) Charlotte is ready for a new habit.  This one is going to be a twofer type shift.  She’s going to go all in on eating clean for every meal and instead of eating 3 meals a day, she is going to break that down into 5-6 times daily.  That breaks down to every 2-3 hours a day.  George has been encouraging her every step of the way and for this transition Charlotte feels like she needs the most support.  It’s a bit bigger jump, but with some practice and tenacity she will get there.

So, there you go, in about 6-8 weeks (42-56 days) you can be into a clean eating habit that can last you for the rest of your life!

Oh, and don’t forget the all important cheat meal once a week to reward yourself for a job well done!

If you would like me to be your accountability partner, please fill out the form below. I would love to coach you into clean eating habits just like the example above!

We will work together on a Facebook Group with other people that are working to change into clean eating habits as well. So, you’ll meet new people and progress toward a healthier lifestyle. I promise to make it fun while keeping you accountable to your new lifestyle habits.

The Power To Say No (And Stay Focused . . .)

I have been doing Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push.  Today is Day 15 for me.

In her video / content she talked about being a people pleaser and how hard it is sometimes to say no when focusing on your goals.

I struggle with this so bad.  It’s not even funny.  I tell myself that I am going to focus on a few things, like my finances, my workouts, my nutrition.  That’s it.  Then before I know it I have 20 things going all at once.  I’m trying out a new online course, I have 5 unread books, I’m working with people on new ideas, I’m volunteering for this that or the other.

Long story short, I want to do too much.  I want to be creating video games, I want to be playing my guitar, I want to be DJing, I want to be snowboarding, I want to be rock climbing, I want to be running, I want, I want, I want, I want.  It’s just never going to happen.

Yeah, I have a guitar.  Yeah, I have some gear to create music and spin tunes, but the main thing that is keeping me out of the game is my finances.  My constant need for money.  Lack of money management makes it so much more difficult to focus on my pursuits.  A good friend in college called it “being drawn and quartered by your own desires”.  And that’s exactly what it feels like.  Trying to do way too much so that virtually nothing gets done.  It’s a frustrating loop.  Over and over and over again.

So, what’s the cure?  Well, I’m hoping that an all out assault on my finances will really help me out.  Getting my health and fitness in order is next on the list.

Why?  These are the areas that I really struggle with right now.  Finances = managing my money mo betta.  Fitness = getting more energy to do the things I need to do.

As of now, I am focused.  I am learning to track my finances and work on saving.  Saving was not much of a habit until this past year.  I’m getting to the point where I am saving almost 10% of my income.  I also have an account to save for vacation.  Part of the equation was stabilizing in my career so that I was not contracting any longer and my income was steady.  That part took some work.  That’s for sure.

I am learning how to create the habit of eating clean and working out 6 days a week without fail.  It’s definitely a challenge as well.  I’m not much of a morning person, so I do my workouts after my day job.  There are conflicts, there is dinner to be made for my son, there is the chance to get lazy from being tired after a full day, etc.  I have learned to push past the storm of excuses and just get my workout done.  It’s only 30-60 minutes.  I can do it.  And the magic really was scheduling them in and having an accountability partner.

So, I just have to remind myself right now to say “No”.  No.  I have a friend that told me that no is a complete sentence.  I believe her.  What she was telling me is just to make it simple.  A no.  Don’t explain, don’t make excuses, etc. Just no.

I need to practice saying no right now so I can focus.  After an intense focus, I will be able to pursue music, I’ll be able to pursue creating video games, I’ll be able to do more extreme sports.  But first and foremost, I must get my house in order.  Then everything else will fall into place.

I’m giving myself a solid two years to do this.  I think I can get it done, it’s just a matter of discipline and hard work.  Setting goals and achieving them one step at time.

Focus on your goals, give the 30 Day Push a try.  It’s only 10 minutes a day and it will help you progress toward a better life!

Be Passionate About Your Passions

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot follow your passions.  That’s like someone telling you that you cannot be yourself.  Of course you have the freedom to be you!  Your passions are what give you energy, soul, character.  Follow them with all your heart.

Most of us have been talked out of doing something we really wanted to do in life.  We didn’t care if we were the most talented, we didn’t care if we were going to be rich and famous doing it, we just wanted to do it.  The thrill of pursuing our dreams was what we needed.

For me, it’s music, for me it’s creating video games, for me it’s web development, for me it’s getting into shape, for me, it’s owning my own business.  Maybe one day I will find a way to combine all these passions, but for right now I am just fine pursing them as they are right now.

Don’t make it complicated.  What you were doing when you were a kid is probably what will make you excited as an adult!  Yeah, you may not make much money at it, yeah, no one else may care, but hey, it’s what you love to do.  It’s what you were created to do.  Go for it!!!  You will figure it out along the way.  Doors will open, opportunities will come to you.  Just get out there and follow your passion.

Without passion, the world is bleak.  You need your passion to light up your life and those around you.  Doing something just for the sake of money isn’t really living.  Trust me, I know.  I am guilty of living part of my life like that, and it is no fun.  Yes, I agree, you sometimes have to go through a season, a period, like that, but it doesn’t have to last forever.  You’ll eventually be able to return to your passions.

Keep trying new things, keep working toward your dreams, keep moving in the direction that you want to live your life.  Set goals and achieve them.  Do this repeatedly and you will be well along on your journey toward your dreams.

Will You Take A Journey With Me? (Trip Like I Do)

Will you take a journey with me?

Can you trip like I do?

I am on day 3 of an exciting 60 day transformation.  I signed up for The Master’s Hammer & Chisel Beachbody Challenge!!!  I am crushing it so far.  It’s a pretty amazing workout.  I can feel my body being pushed to it’s limits and that is precisely where transformations happen!!!

I have been working on Challenges since April 2015.  So, this isn’t my first rodeo.  But this is the first time where I have finally built the habits to succeed.  The other Challenges that I was a part of I would start and then stop somewhere along the line.  I wasn’t eating correctly, I wasn’t giving it my all.  Not this time!  I have decided, I am committed, and I will succeed.

I would absolutely love it if you would take a Challenge with me.  Click here to see all the available Challenge Packs.  There is a program for virtually everyone.  If you have trouble deciding, reach out to me and I’ll get you sorted out.

Let’s build better bodies together!  Let’s lose those pounds!  Let’s be in the best shape of our lives!


I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can . . .

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . .”

The words of The Little Engine That Could.  All the other engines wouldn’t pull the dolls and toys over the mountain, but the Little Blue Engine decided that she would give it a try.

“She tugged and pulled and pulled and tugged and slowly, slowly, slowly they started off.”

Sometimes we don’t start off that quickly, sometimes it’s a slow start, sometimes it’s barely noticeable to other people that we even started.  However, a start, no matter how small, is still a start.  We are moving in the direction of our goals.  Strive for progress.  Forget about perfection.

“Puff, puff, chug, chug, went the little blue engine.”

When we are working toward our goals it’s hard work.  We are forming new habits, new ideas.  We are learning things.  We are leaving the familiar behind and we are charting into new territory.  It’s exciting!  But it also can be nerve wracking, our confidence may not be high enough to succeed at our new goals.

That’s why the Little Blue Engine is a genius.  She gave herself a mantra, a focal point, and put all her energy into achieving her goal of getting the dolls and toys over the mountain.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . .”

The cool part about consistently working toward your goals with focus is that you will gain momentum.  Each day, you are getting a little closer, a little more confident, a little more competent.  The effect compounds and compounds until you are chugging along toward your goal, right on target.

“Up, up, up.  Faster and faster and faster and faster the little engine climbed until at last they reached the top of the mountain.”

What is your mountain?  What are your goals?  What are you working hard to achieve for others?  Do you think you can?

I know it may be silly to use a children’s story for inspiration, but honestly, this one of my favorite stories that my Mom read to me as a kid.  I always wanted to be The Little Engine That Could!

Become a Little Engine That Can!  Work hard daily on your health and fitness goals, progress in your chosen career, and master your finances.

We all can learn from the Little Blue Engine.  She has a winning spirit!

Let me know how you are reaching toward your goals in the comment section below. 

Tell me how you think you can!  (Because I know you can, too!)

Overweight Software Guy Working To Get Into Shape

Hello.  My name is Geoff Cox.  I’m a software developer and I struggle with my weight.  I am 5’8″ and currently 236 lbs down from an all time high of 245 lbs.  That translates into me being a bit of a fat ass.  Well, maybe more than a bit . . .

Since April of 2015, I’ve been involved in different challenge groups to work on my health, fitness, and over all well-being.  The problem is that I was just “too busy” and kept making excuse after excuse after excuse.  Sounds like so many other people, right???  It’s amazing how much an excuse machine I can be.  I don’t have the time.  I’m not a morning person.  I’m too busy at night.  I’m a dude and I just want to eat my wings and pizza.  On and on and on . . .

What’s really gotten me out of the storm of excuses is my coach, Kaitlin Frampton.  She just wouldn’t give up on me.  No matter how many times I didn’t post to a challenge group, no matter how many times I didn’t work out and just kept eating junk, she was right there to keep asking me questions, keep prodding me, keep me active.  What I didn’t realize is that I was making progress.  Very slow progress.  The type of progress measured in inches, not miles.  I was slow as molasses, but I was getting somewhere.  I was arriving at being healthier, being more fit, having an overall sense of well being.

It definitely didn’t happen over night.  It’s taken about 9-10 months to really get me out of the muck of my old habits and into the new.  I have been gaining confidence.  And best of all, I have been gaining momentum!!!

This is my first blog post.  I apologize that it’s not all polished, stylized, and sexy.  I just wanted to reach out to other people like me and help them get through their storm of excuses into the harbor of a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Before you leave promise me one thing.  Promise me that you will NEVER GIVE UP!  You will keep pushing through all your excuses and limitations into a lighter, healthier, fitter, stronger YOU!

I really hope to meet you. Please keep in touch.  I’m around the Intrawebs.

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